Activity 1: Plaster Casting

I really like the idea of this project especially since it involved going to the beach. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it to a beach because I’m back home in NorCal for the summer. So under the circumstances I had to improvise by buying a bag of sand to complete the project in my own backyard. I placed the sand in a bucket, dug a whole, stuck my hand in, and then had my mom cover my hand with the surrounding sand. The tricky part was removing my hand without disrupting the shape of the mold. Some sand fell back into the mold, so I used a stick to push the sand down where my fingers were. Once my hand was free I mixed the plaster with water in a separate bucket. I accidently started out with too much water, so we had to keep adding a lot of plaster to get the right consistency. Then, I slowly poured the plaster mixture into the mold careful not to break the mold. After patiently waiting half an hour, I dug out the mold. This took a while because I didn’t want to break anything so I transferred the sand surrounding the mold into a separate bucket. When I reached the fingers I had to be extra careful because they seemed very fragile. As I finally wiggled my mold free, I noticed one of the fingers remained in the sand. Subsequently, the most ironic thing happened, I intended to design my mold as a peace sign, however, only the middle finger was left standing. In attempt to cover this up I tried mending the finger back on the mold, but it wouldn’t stay. In my pictures you can see the break on the pointer finger. As I brushed the sand off the mold I began to see the details of my hand. I thought it was really cool how you could see the outline of my knuckles. All in all, I thought this was a fun project. It reminded me of my childhood when I would always play in the sand at the park. The only thing I would change is if I could have completed the project at the beach.

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