Activity 2: Automatic Drawing

Until this activity I never realized that drawing is defined as any marking made by a pen or pencil. Automatic Drawing calls for the drawer to reach a state of meditation so that the subconscious can take control on paper. This project seemed simple until I gave it a try. It took many attempts for us to stop laughing and let go of our thoughts. At first we tried it a couple times while watching the Warriors game, which was way too much of a distraction. Then we decided to wait till after the game was over to attempt the automatic drawing again. We moved to a darker room, sat cross-legged facing each other with the paper in between us, and placed three fingers from each hand on the pencil set in the middle of the paper. In a way the setting of this activity reminded me of playing with an Ouija board. We waited patiently with our eyes closed and listening to music, for our subconscious mind to begin drawing. It took a couple of minutes, but then our hands began to move all around the paper forming various squiggles and circles. After about ten minutes we decided to stop and see what we created. My favorite part about this project was the ambiguity of it all. The whole time we were drawing our eyes were closed so I had no idea what it looked like. I couldn’t even picture it in my head because I was unaware of where the paper started or ended. I liked the idea of having no plan to what was being drawn and just allowing my hands to flow freely.

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