Activity 3: Graffiti Writing

Once again I wish I could’ve joined the class to work on this weeks graffiti activity. I had no idea Venice Beach had a legal wall dedicated to graffiti. That is so cool and something I definitely want to check out when I get back to SoCal. For our activity this week we were suppose to graffiti our name. This project brings me back to middle school when we would pass the time by drawing our names out in different fonts in our notebooks. I’ve never worked with spray paint before so that was a new twist for me. Since I couldn’t go to Venice and had to do this legally, I got a big cardboard box and opened it up to use as my ‘wall.’ I bought spray paint in two shades of blue and silver. I wanted to use the silver to make a cloud-like formation for the background to graffiti my name on. I decided that if I were to tag my name I probably wouldn’t use ‘Deanna’ so instead I combined my first and middle name (Deanna Jacquelyn) to make DeeJay. I tried to paint my name in a cool bubble font, but the spray paint was very difficult to work with. I think I’m just use to having more control over my drawing instruments. After I got use to it I really like working with the spray paint. When my name was complete, I decided to add some finishing touches to the background with white paint. Overall, I really liked this project and would definitely liked to work with spray paint again.


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