Activity 4: Sketching in the Garden

I’ve definitely attempted to sketch before, but I’ve never practiced or been consistent enough to improve my skills. The most I sketch is in the margins of my notebooks during class. It’s actually quite funny because at the end of each year I’ll skim through my notebooks and find more doodles than actual notes. I typically draw flowers, butterflies, and mandalas. There’s something very calming about sketching. It’s nice to put all your attention to one thing and forget about everything else (except in class I multitask). For this activity, I went to the Rose Garden at Heather Farms Park near my house. I brought music, my iPhone for pictures, a pencil, paper, and my puppies. I walked around the garden and took pictures of everything that interested me. I liked how this project inspired me to look at details I never would have noticed before. Plants and trees that seemed plain or ugly to me before became more attractive and fascinating the closer I got to them. For the abstract pictures I took a lot of close-ups. For one of my abstract pictures I took pictures of four different flowers. Then I used an app on my phone to combine different sections of the flower to create a new flower. For the representational pictures I stuck to the landscape or focused on the detail of a plant. I passed by one plant that was being pollinated by a ton of bees, so I thought that would be really cool to capture. It was difficult to get a clear picture of a bee since they move so quickly, but after stalking them for a couple of minutes I managed to get a good shot. For the representational sketches, I drew a mini waterfall I found, a twisted tree, and a statue I liked. I’m a perfectionist, so it was extremely hard to resist using my eraser. I found it easier not to erase when I was doing the abstract sketches. For the abstract sketches I incorporated a lot of the doodles I do in class. I enjoyed abstract sketching way more than representational sketching because there was more freedom. If I ‘messed up’ it didn’t really feel like it, because I could easily work with my mistakes. Overall, I really enjoyed this activity it was nice to get out and relax.



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