Francesca Woodman

Francesca Woodman was a young photographer who produced an abundance of black and white self-portraits in a very short amount of time. Her work greatly reflects her attitude towards life. Throughout her life she struggled with depression until she committed suicide at the age of 22. Woodman explains her thoughts of her suicide as, “I finally managed to try to do away with myself, as neatly and concisely as possible…. I would rather die young leaving various accomplishments, some work, my friendship with you, and some other artifacts intact, instead of pell-mell erasing all of these delicate things.” Woodman strived so intensely for recognition that she was desperate to find some form of preservation of her youth and accomplishments. This led her to think death was the only option. Living and continuing to create would eventually only ‘erase’ all her work. Much of her photos depict mysterious and haunting images of her blurred into the surroundings. Woodman used slow shutter speeds to obscure whatever movement occurred during her photographs. This became her trademark. Unlike most photographs, Woodman captures a span of time in her work. The photograph above is Untitled taken in Boulder, Colorado. I think this picture embodies the idea in a majority of her work.

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