Activity 5: Instagram

This week our class activity was to create a ‘group selfie’ by posting on Instagram with #art110su16. Typically, I’m a serious Instagram user and never post more than once a day/week. So for this activity I created a new account dedicated to Art110. Since we had to post 4 or more pictures throughout the day I felt more like I was using snapchat than Instagram. I’m more likely to share what I do in a day on snapchat than on Instagram because its only posted for a temporary amount of time. The day we did this activity I was very busy. First, I posted a picture of my breakfast (which I usually don’t do). Then, I posted a picture of myself at John Muir working as a PT/OT observer. After that I went to the summer camp I work at and took a few pictures with the kids. Next, I went boxing and took a selfie. Lastly, I took another food picture of my dinner.Inline image

It was strange for me to post pictures of my daily routine. It made me look at the things I do on a regular basis in a different way. I actually took the time to stop what I was doing, take a picture of it, think about it, write a caption about it, and share it. It made everything I do seem more significant. I never considered Instagram as an outlet for art until now. It’s were anyone can go and turn something in their life that is important to them into a photograph to share with the world. It’s like each person creates their very own art museum of their life for others to view.

When I scrolled through the class hashtag, it was fun to see what everyone was up to. I noticed that more people took pictures of things they saw or what they were doing rather than selfies. It was almost like we were looking through their eyes. I saw a lot of connections between the photos being shared. Most posts were of food or the outdoors. It was cool to see how all these people in different places with completely different lives value some of the same things. I like finding that unity between individuals, especially those who have never crossed paths before.

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