Activity 6: Landscape with a Corpse

The activity this week was inspired by Izima Kaoru’s series, “Landscape with a Corpse.” Kaoru is a Japanese fashion photographer, who created this series based on how his models said they would imagine their own deaths. Each photograph in this collection shows an idealized death comprised of high-fashion, famous models, and sexuality. Above is an example of his work. Kaoru has continued this project for nearly 20 years with the intent to diminish the taboos of death. Since Kaoru has dedicated so much of his time to this experience, he has come to the conclusion that, “There’s no good and bad in death. Everyone should be content with the life they lived when they look back and leave the real world for the next.”

When I asked myself the question “how would you imagine your own death?” I didn’t know what would kill me, but I knew exactly where I wanted to be. Dusk is my favorite time of day, so naturally I wanted to die with a beautiful sunset in the background. I really liked the glamorized concept of death Kaoru uses in his work, but I also love nature and being outdoors, so I wanted to incorporate these two ideas together. I thought the perfect spot would be on top of a hill, under a tree, with the sunset. For this project, my friend and I hiked up a hill near my house. The location we chose was perfect for this project because there was an abandoned house right behind the tree we used, which gave off a creepy and morbid feeling. At every moment during the photo shoot we thought someone was watching us and it felt like we were in a scary movie. I’m a fan of horror movies, so the whole experience was rather thrilling to me.

Image-1 (1).jpg

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