Activity 8: Street Photography

Street photographers view the world as art by capturing the natural movement of life. Unlike most people who rush through life, street photographers wander the streets truly immersing themselves in their surroundings. Many street photographers work with black and white pictures to eliminate the distraction of color and allow the viewer to focus solely on the subject. Street photography gives the chance to see daily routines from a different perspective encouraging a greater appreciation for them.

For this activity, I happened to be on vacation in vegas which gave me the perfect opportunity for street photography. At first, I felt really awkward taking pictures of random people, but the more I took the more comfortable I started to feel. Sometimes people who saw me take their picture would give me weird looks. The thing I like most about street photography is the fact that you get to capture a moment in someone’s life who you’ve never met and don’t know their story. The people I took pictures of I will probably never see again but through street photography I was able to capture the single moment our paths crossed in this huge world.

The first picture I took is of a man I saw laying on the ground in a cross like position. The next picture shows a couple kissing. I put a black and white filter on this picture because it eliminates the distraction of color so you can focus on the people. Then I took a photo of a man dressed in a suit who walked by me. I like how his figured blurred to show movement. My last picture is of people on an escalator. I like how this one shows a wider range of the public.FullSizeRender-5.jpgFullSizeRender-4.jpgFullSizeRender-3.jpgFullSizeRender-6.jpg


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