Activity 9: Cuisine

For our activity this week, I was so excited to create art through one of my favorite hobbies: cooking. Ever since I was young I’ve had an interest in baking all sorts of desserts. I would always come up with new flavors or toppings to enrich my cookies, cakes, or cupcakes. Then, as I got older I matured from baking to cooking actual meals. So for this activity I decided to make dinner for my family. Since it’s summer I wanted a colorful dish that incorporated popular vegetables of this season. I looked on pinterest and found a recipe for pesto chicken with veggies! I made my pesto sauce from scratch by blending pine nuts, basil, garlic, and olive oil in a food processor. Then I cooked the chicken in a pan with sundried tomatoes, asparagus, cherry tomatoes, and pesto sauce. I loved how all the different colors of vegetables looked together in the pan.

Fresh Cherry Tomatoes from the farmers market



I believe cooking to be a kind of art, but unlike fine art, cooking appeals to all 5 senses. Texture, color, smell, and flavor all play a role in a complete dish. Chefs are like artists as they both have the ability to imagine their medium in unique ways to create a finished product. The way a chef can combine different ingredients to create a unique flavor is the same as the way a painter can blend different colors to create a visual representation.


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