Kat Von D

Kat Von D, also known as Katherine Von Drachenberg, is a famous tattoo artist popular from her TV shows, Miami Ink and LA Ink. She often contributes her interest in art to her grandmother, who exposed her to music and art at a young age. During her adolescences the Latin culture and punk rock scene was very popular and is reflected in many of her tattoo designs. When she was 14, she got her first tattoo of the letter ‘J’ on her ankle.


Soon after she began to develop her interest in tattoo art when she used a tattoo machine to create a Misfits skull on her friend. She quit school at 16 to enter the tattoo business. She spent years and years in and out of different tattoo shops practicing her craft until she became one of the bests and most widely recognized tattoo artists.

I think its crazy how tattoo artists are constantly producing art that will last forever, but will never really be seen by them again. Tattoos are often desired to preserve special memories, honor loved ones, or purely for self-expression. What interests me the most about the job of a tattoo artist is the sacred bond between the artist and the client. The client is putting all their trust in the artist to represent their story or design correctly on their bodies. In some ways tattoo art reminds me of cave art. Like cave art, tattoos are unique stories or experiences that can be told on human skin. For example, the stars on Kat Von D’s face “are a symbol of being able to be heavily tattooed and still carry yourself in a feminine way.”


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