Activity 10: Art Care Package

I thought this project would be the perfect opportunity to learn about a classmate, so Rannah and I decided to exchange art care packages. I asked her a couple questions about herself and read through her blog posts to catch a glimpse of her life. In the art care package I included a letter to Rannah, two pieces of art I did, a bracelet I made, and the front page of the Grunion Gazette to reflect the cultural moment of long beach during the time I made the care package. The two pieces of art I sent her are a yarn snake and a sand art bumble bee. I made these at the summer camp I’ve been working at, so they reflect a little bit about my life and I think her son might enjoy the snake!  When I looked through Rannah’a blog I saw that she used the color red and blue a lot in her pieces, so I made her a red and blue bracelet with her name on it. I really hope she enjoys the package I assembled for her!

An art care package is similar and different  from Snapchat in many ways. It’s similar because they both capture moments in time that can be shared with someone else. They are different because the art care package took time to plan while a snapchat is more spontaneous. Also, snapchat is temporary, while the contents in the ACP  are tangible and may be long lasting.

I think ephemera is only significant to the owner because they have attached an experience or fedging to it. Ephemera could gain value over time of it acts as a reminder of a cherished experience. However, if you give someone your ephemera I don’t think it would hold the same value to that person because they don’t have the memories to connect to it. I have a soft spot for ephemera and hold on the concert, movie, or plane tickets for as long as I can, until I’ve had them for so long that the memories have faded and they no longer hold the same value.

There is a difference between art seen by many and art seen by a select few. In my opinion, I would be more responsive to art created for me rather than art created for the public.

The fact that an art care package takes time and effort increases its value. Anrixipation builds as you wait for the arrival of a package making the moment it arrives so much better. Snapchat is more immediate, which makes it fun and efficient, but less meaningful than a package.

I think ‘preparing a meal with love’ means to take your time and enjoy each step in creating the meal. So I don’t think you can prepare a meal with love as fast as you can get food from a drive thru. The same principle applies to snapchat and a care package. The effort put towards assembling a “CARE” package signifies a love for that person. Snapchat is often just a tool to connect with people by displaying your experiences.



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