Joseph Delappe

Joseph Delappe is an art professor at University of Nevada Reno where he runs the digital media program. he is also a well known artist who incorporates real life phenomenons into online gaming performances and electromechanical installations. his works have attracted a lot of interest from the art world and been featured in the New York Times, wired magazine, Artweek, the Morning Australia, and the book titled “Joystpck Soldiers – The Politics of Play in Military Video Game.” One of his most famous works is his projects dead in Iraq. He started this project in 2006 to acknowledge the casualties of Americas military from the war in Iraq by reciting their names over the Americas army first person shooter online recruiting game. This became a controversial topic when gamers started to complain that it was getting in the way of their fun rather than establishing a memorial honoring those who died fighting for our country. Delappe is also in charge of the website which is an ongoing website to post ideas to design a memorial in honor of the casualties in Iraq. Much of Delappe’s work is recognized as a means to challenge our nations involvement with war.

Another project he worked on was The Salt Satyagraha Online: Gandhi’s March to Dandi in Second Life. The original salt Marc was a non-violent protest led by Gandhi against British rule in India. During the course of the march Gandhi and a group of followers walked 240 miles. In 2007/2008 Joseph Delappe re enacted this monumental protest by creating a virtual world in Second Life. Delappe uses his art to spread awareness for the concerns of real world matters through virtual tunnels. I think using technology is an effective way to alert people to these real life concerns. Especially since our society today is so often consumed by their technology and ignorant to real life problems.


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