Activity 11: Wall Hanging

I really enjoyed the activity this week, especially since I created something I can hang up in my room. I love the bohemian style and wall hangings are a big part of the boho look. I’ve always wanted to buy one of these, so this was the perfect chance to just make one myself. I looked up some ideas on pinterest and found a form of textile making called macrame, which I really liked. It is different from other types of textile designs because it involves making knots rather than waving of knitting. Another thing I saw on pinterest was that a lot of the wall hangings used branches as the base. For my wall hangings, I went outside and cut a branch off the tree in my front yard  and bought macrame cord at Michaels.Then, I found a website for a DIY wall hanging and followed the instructions. It was actually really easy to do, it was just very time consuming. The pattern is the same throughout the wall hanging, so the repetition of it was actually very relaxing.


My finished product was not exactly what I expected. The knots aren’t as neat as they’re suppose to be. It was hard to keep the knots in place as I was going along. But, overall I really liked this project. I like how we got a chance to work with a different type of medium from what we usually use.




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