Mahsa Soroudi

As our class comes to an end we get the honor of exploring the life of Mahsa Soroudi. In her interview she tells an amazing story of her experience moving from her home Tehran to America, in order to pursue more opportunity for her art. Currently she is working on 7500 miles, an online project which is expected to develop into a physical exhibition. The project focuses on bringing light to Iranian contemporary art and women artists.

In the interview I was happy to hear a more positive viewpoint of Iranian culture. In America we often hear about the repression of women, but Mahsa confirmed that about 60% of the students in the universities are women. Although they are not as far along as the U.S. it is good to hear that women are capable of finding ways to express themselves in their society.

I really enjoyed the interview with Mahsa because I felt that I could easily relate to her story. I completely understand the empty feeling of uprooting your life and starting over in a new place. Last year I transferred to CSULB from San Diego without knowing anyone. At first I felt alone, homesick, and couldn’t relate to those around me. I felt as if I lost myself. I spent time running on the beach or reading as an escape. Then, I joined my sorority, Delta Zeta and found a place where I belong. All the girls are so supportive and have helped me grow as a person always encouraging me to believe in myself and try new things. Just like Mahsa finds motivation through the growth of her plants I find inspiration from those in my sorority.Mahsa_Soroudi-001-4.jpg



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