Wall Hanging Part 2

For our final activity I decided to try making another wall hanging. The first time we did this project I had so many ideas, so I’m happy to get another chance to work on it. This wall hanging was inspired by my obsession with the moon. I decided to use a crescent shape and create a dreamcatcher effect. To do this I got an old wire hanger, bended it to make a crescent shape, and then covered it in macrame cord. Then, I used twine to loop around the inside of the crescent and added blue beads to the innermost part. Finally, I tied beige ribbon to the bottom. Weaving the inside was tricky and I kept having to redo it, until I got the hang of it. Below are some pictures of the final product!



Overall, I really enjoy creating these fabric wall hangings. Personally, I’ve always preferred making two or three dimensional art. One of my favorite art classes was my high school sculpture class. We carved sculptures out of soapstone and plaster, we built a baby crib mobile, we designed a church, and so much more. This project reminded me of that class and I was excited to have another chance to partake in it.  The possibilities are endless when it comes to making wall hangings. You can use ribbons, feathers, old t-shirts, yarn, rope, etc..   It’s a fun way to be creative by adding your own style in order to make it special. Out of all the art activities we participated in this summer, I think this is one that I will continue to do in the future. I like it so much because the product I create from it is something I actually want to hang up in my room and show to people. I have my wall hanging from the previous activity hanging up in my room and the other day my friend saw it and asked if I could make her one. It felt good to know that people appreciate my creations and it motivates me to want to continue improving my skills to share with others. 


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